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Nov 23, 2011 05:02 AM

Convection Oven Turkey--From Fridge or Room Temp

Is it best to put the turkey in the oven right from fridge or at room temp when using a convection oven? Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. i'd do it from room temp, but i don't know if my mom used to do that…. all i make absolutely certain is that it has thawed completely (because they take a looong time to defrost if they've been frozen).

    i don't think using a convection oven vs. trad. oven changes things.

    1. I always bring oven roasted meats (and steaks) closer to room temperature, which means for me, 1-2 hours prior to placing in the oven.

      With a convection oven, your bird will cook faster than with the conventional oven. Also, I would suggest lower heat for more even cooking results, especially with a larger bird (16 plus pounds). Higher heats will dry out the outer layers of meat, while the meat closer to the bone may not be cooked thoroughly...

      I would only suggest putting beef in straight from the fridge if you like your meat cooked to rare temperature. Poultry should be cooked though....not pinkish.

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        I was probably hallucinating regarding having to put the turkey in right from the fridge.

      2. There is no advantage to bringing your turkey to room temperature before putting it into the oven, regardless of the style of oven On the contrary, allowing the bird to sit awaiting room temperature provides more time for it to remain in the danger zone temperature range for microbial development.