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Nov 23, 2011 04:33 AM

Chipped my favorite bakind dish!!!

I have a stainless stell Oneida serving dish that is beautiful with a decorative lid and it has a glass baking dish insert...I chipped the top rim of the glass dish. Can I still bake something in it or will it shatter in the oven if I attempt this?? I wanted to use it for thanksgiving. Please let me know if anyone has attempted to bake in a glass dish that has a chip in it..THANK YOU!!!

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  1. I've had chips in all sorts of glass and ceramic baking dishes and never had a problem using them--now a crack is another story.

    1. I chipped a serving platter in the sink last night. My sympathies.

      1. If you treat the baking dish normally, not subjecting it to "shock" or anything, it should be OK, unless you take it hot out of the oven full of food, and plop it down on a cold or wet surface. But you might have problems in that case whether or not you had a chip. I sounds like this was a treasured dish. So sorry.