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Nov 22, 2011 10:16 PM

Lard crusts at Safeway

Anti-trans fat hysteria has finally swung the pastry pendulum back into the pro-flavor camp - the box of these Safeway-branded, refrigerated crusts proudly proclaim "0% trans fat!" Their secret? Lard!

The crusts come rolled up and are easy to handle. They're less flaky than a good butter crust (or, for that matter, the Trader Joe ones I use when I'm short on time), but they're tender and flavorful. I used them in tarte tatins today and was pleased by how well they kept their structure, compared to my usual 80-20 butter-shortening homemade crust. These were purchased at the Alameda South Shore Safeway, don't know how the availability is throughout the Bay Area.

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  1. Daveena, I would like to thank you so much for posting this, though probably not for the reason you intended! Saw this post and gasped: I love to cook Thanksgiving dinner, but desserts are not my thing. So, I've asked others to make all the dessert. however, no one volunteered pumpkin pie, and some members of the family, my daughter included, think that it isn't Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie...

    So, daughter arrives tonight, and volunteered to make the pumpkin pies. I bought all the ingredients, including the refridgerated crusts, Raley's house brand, since daughter isn't much for making her own pie dough (nor am I, another reason I like others to bring the desserts).

    But daughter is Muslim, and the last thing I want is for her to be asked to make pies with larded dough. I've gone to some trouble to get halal turkeys, and already made lots of (halal) stock from one of them, and otherwise it is fairly easy to serve a meal she and her family can enjoy: I just avoid bacon in the brussel sprouts and stuffing...but the pie. Argh.

    So, ran and checked the package, and sure enough, the Raley's brand also has lard. I remember liking them in the past, now I know why. :-)

    Anyway, they do freeze, so I can use them for another pie some other time. Back to Raley's one more time, and got a brand of premade pie crust without any lard. (and undoubtably high in transfat), or perhaps we will experiment with our own, 100% butter crust....

    Thanks for the heads up, and those of you who want lard in their crust (a sentiment I can certainly understand), can also check at Raley's or Von's.

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      I have a confession: I have often used Marie Callendar's premade pie crusts and usually keep a couple in the freezer just in case. They usually taste fine (I felt guilty when I made a pie for my neighbor and she complimented me on the crust:-) and they are 100% vegetable shortning. DH will not eat lard in anything, so I have learned to check. Glad you were able to find a substitution. Pumpkin pies are essential.