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Nov 22, 2011 09:53 PM

What to buy from HEB tomorrow for the BEST turkey sandwiches on Friday...

1) San-Del Diced Hot Cherry Pepper

I love San-Del Diced Hot Cherry Pepper relish for adding delicious flavor and a little heat to sandwiches. Adding it to a leftover meal gives any kind of meat a very different taste than how you originally prepared it, so it makes leftovers a lot more interesting.

If someone is afraid of heat, add a couple teaspoons on the side, and invariably it will be gone when you take their plate.

The trick is finding it. I have found it in as many as five different places in the same HEB depending on the time of the year. It can be deli section atop the glass, or ethnic section, or the condiment area, or...

San-Del Diced Hot Cherry Pepper would definitely be on my "Favorite things from HEB" list.

This link shows what the San-Del LOGO looks like, but you definitely want the DICED version for sandwiches. It's a lot easier to spread and control level of hot-ness than the sliced version.

2) My favorite whole grain bread these days is from HEB. It goes by something like "Whole Grain Country French" boule (it's round). It tastes of sourdough though I don't believe that word is on the label.

I've seen it the HEB on Braker and 183, and Spicewood Springs and 183. This sounds odd but the top of the boule is a light brown / grey-ish color (they should brush it with butter or something go make it a deeper brown). It's my favorite whole grain bread that doesn't taste like health food, but simply like delicious bread. Great for sandwiches.

3) Duke's Mayonnaise if your HEB has it

4) The Central Market organic arugula

Another delicious HEB bread is the rustic cranberry walnut or cranberry pistachio bread. Toasted HEB cranberry pistachio bread with cream cheese could be the perfect light breakfast before the turkey onset...

Oh, and for dessert, most HEB's carry the Central Market cookie dough near their egg section. Recently I deviated from my Chocolate Chunk cookie addiction and tried their Cranberry Walnut cookie dough Also delicious. Put it in your freezer immediately, and it lasts forever. If you break off 1 and only 1, it's only a 140 calorie debit to your daily calorie budget. I combine it with a skim milk - iced coffee combo, and it's total bliss. 10 minutes @ 350 in the toaster oven. Then wrap it loosely in a folded paper towel to let it cool for a couple minutes.

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  1. FYI on number 1) Mandolas and Phonecia carry cherry pepper relish (Hoagie Spread). Can't remember at Mandola's, but the Phonecia has Cento brand.

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      1. I like the San-Del chopped peppers as well. Except that you have to pick out the chopped up stems. I've written them about this but they don't care. I don't buy them anymore since they don't care. I'll have try the Cento brand.

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          My wife and I used to always bring jars of Tallerico's hoagie spread back from Philly - but the Cento works for us. Here's the ingredients for each:

          Tellerico Hot Hoagie Spread

          Ingredients: peppers, water, distilled vinegar, salt, calcium chloride, natural flavors, xantham gum, guar gum, sodium benzoate and sodium metabisulfite (to preserve freshness).

          INGREDIENTS: Peppers, Water, Distilled Vinegar, Salt, Calcium Chloride, Preserved with Sodium Benzoate.

          1. re: sqwertz

            I should note that it was Hoody's Subs up on Wells Branch that turned me on to the San Del peppers. I thought they made great sandwiches back in 2000-2001 - line practically out the door every day at lunch when I worked up on Tandem/Compaq/HP Blvd,. Then I think they went partially cajun, and then folded. I could never understand why. It was even better than Togo's (when Togos was good). They still have a place in Round Rock from the looks of it, but that might as well be on Neptune for me.

          2. I saw the chopped San Del peppers today at the HEB at FM 620 and Anderson Mill. They are in the Deli with the pre-sliced meats and cheese, hummus, etc.

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              I saw them at Hoody's subs - $3 I think. Another funny story - my mother in law came for Thanksgiving....I had Duke's mayo at home. She refused to use it in a dish and went to the store to buy Hellman's. Weird.......