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Nov 22, 2011 08:40 PM

Looking for Mail Order food items!

I'm looking to get some items for a Bean Town party I'm putting together...

Fresh cooked food on ice?


Condiments, etc...?

I'm just looking for restaurants that will ship me a few products.....

I've only found Town's Spa Pizza and Mike's Pastry, but I know there has to be more?

Help a brother out!

Thanks in advance, really appreciate the help!

Mike's Pastry
300 Hanover St, Boston, MA

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  1. jay, hope this might be helpful:
    shopping for Boston food souvenirs:

    you might have luck phoning the bakeries and stores and asking if they'll ship. I'm not well versed in who does this, but I know L.A.Burdick's ships their chocolates, and JHook ships lobsters, and When Pigs Fly ships their amazing breads.Maybe Island Creek Oysters in Duxbury would ship local oysters...
    I bet if you contacted a manager at Formaggio Kitchen, where many regional NE products are sold, they would have some good ideas and would ship(smoked fish, VT cheeses, chocolates, cookies.....
    )let us know what works out for you.

    Formaggio Kitchen
    244 Huron Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

    1. I believe the Omni Parker House will ship their famous Boston Cream Pies anywhere in the country. I saw something about it on The Food Network. (Maybe see if they'll throw in a batch of Parker House rolls as well).

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      1. re: Elyssa

        Opinionated Chef and Elyssa -

        Thank you for your responses, that definitely give me a good place to start! I really appreciate it!

        Anyone else?

      2. "Bean Town"?

        Never heard of it.

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        1. re: L2k

          Sorry, should've looked up the spelling first....

          Had no idea it was one word.

          Unfortunately I can't edit it for you. I'm from Texas, feel free to refer to my state as the Lonestar State rather than the Lone Star State, if you'd like.

          1. re: JayMO

            This is how we identify outsiders. It's like calling San Francisco "Frisco", if you call Boston "Beantown", you're not from here.

            The suggestions you've been given are a good start. Send me up some Salt Lick and I'll see what I can get for you! :)

            1. re: L2k

              I can appreciate that....

              Then again, I think the title of the thread says I'm not from there. Was in town for a business meeting and enjoyed the food/enviroment and thought I'd get some shipped down. I'm sure we can agree that "outsiders" spending money with Boston area merchants is a positive thing. :)

              As for Salt Lick, I do like it. The sauce is a bit to "mustardy" for me if that makes sense? If you would like to try something a little different and off the beaten path I would try

              It's been on the Food Network and Travel Channel a couple of times and is extremely good. They ship as well.

              Do you have any feed back on restaurants that ship their food or items from Boston?

              1. re: JayMO

                jay, it seems 1 or 2 CHs have a thing about people using' BeanTown.' I don't really know why. i've been here 40 yrs and it never bothered me. but i guess i think monikers are fun and most often show affection ( and often a cognizance of history.) Fog City, Beantown, Cow Town, The Big Apple, whatever........ (I was trying to think of the equivalent for Dallas and Houston; what ARE they?!)
                I was just thinking that you could do a Boston themed party menu with:
                Clam Chowder
                Parker House Rolls
                Cape Cod Potato Chips
                Boston Baked beans
                Indian Pudding (dessert)
                the latter 2 are done at Durgin Park, but their website doesn't say anything about shipping. They do however, offer their recipes for those 2 on their site:


                I tried googling boston gift baskets, but no appropriate items.

                Durgin Park
                1 Faneuil Hall Sq, Boston, MA 02109

                1. re: opinionatedchef

                  Thanks for the comment OC. I'm glad you saw where I was coming from on that. As for the Dallas equivalent, we really don't have one. Fort Worth is right town the road and Cow Town is it's moniker....

                  Appreciate the suggestions...

        2. Legal Seafood will ship you a variety of things, including their chowder:

          1. try this one:


            Also, you might try Cardullo's in Harvard Square. They are an old style gourmet shop with some local products. I'd call rather than depending on the web site.

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            1. re: Madrid

              Science Chick & Madrid -

              Thanks for your feedback! I check them out.

              1. re: JayMO

                Skip Mike's...horrible mass produced pastries. Modern Pastry will ship. Some of the best pastry you can buy:


                Nantucket Bay scallops are in season now. If you've never had them, they are the most sweet and tender morsels you have ever eaten.I found this fisherman who ships and his per pound price is a super reasonable $25 per pound. (They are $20 per in local markets)


                Modern Pastry
                257 Hanover St, Boston, MA

                1. re: CapeCodGuy

                  There is a small Mike's camp on CH but Modern's fan base is understandably bigger. Modern's almond biscotti, sfogliadelle and torrone are some very terrific products, so if they ship, that would be really tlucky for you. I think their white boxestied w/ red and white string- are plain, iirc, but maybe they have something w/ their logo - to display with their items if you do order them.

                2. re: JayMO

                  I'm glad you enjoyed your stay in Boston and want to purchase from local merchants. Have you had any luck yet? Let us know so we can try to help more if you are still searching.