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Nov 22, 2011 06:02 PM

Best Cocktail Bars and Liquor stores in Hull area?

Hi folks,

I'm going to be visiting around Christmas time, and I was wondering which liquor store(s) to check out? Specifically, I'm looking for spirits and liqueurs that I won't necessarily be able to find in BC, so big selection is probably better. Also, are any of the LCBOs worth making the trek to?

What about cocktail bars? Are there any shining stars in Hull?

Thanks for the help!

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  1. (Hull, Gatineau...)
    On both side of the river, you only have access to provincial monopolies, SAQ and LCBO.

    In Gatineau, there's only one Selection outlet (search for the exact address) with an ok selection, and on the Ottawa side, there are 2, 3 lcbo outlets not too far from the river (google for the addreses).

    IMO, you will need to look online for particular products and see if they are available at an outlet near where you are.

    As for cocktail bars and lounge place, I don't have a clue, last time I went in Gatineau the place looks like a dead zone in terms of good food and good drinks; on the Ottawa side, I don't know, better ask on the Ontario board.


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    1. In Hull they have a SAQ d├ępot which has a less selection then a regular SAQ but you get 15% rebate if you buy 12 bottles or more (doesnt have to be the same kind of wine/spirit for the discount to apply) Its pretty useful if you are planning a party/celebration or just want to buy more.
      The LCBO at the corner of Rideau and King Edward in Ottawa has a very good selection (dont miss the downstair section).
      As for cocktail bar in Hull I cant think of any right now, but there is this new microbrewery on Montcalm called Les Brasseurs du Temps. The beer is very good and the food is good too.
      If you go there I suggest you try l'Horloge, which is a tasting selection of their 12 beers (3 oz format glasses).

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        I second les Brasseurs du Temps, they serve the best homebrews I had in the Ottawa-Gatineau Metropolitan area.

        If you are in Ottawa, you may try le Chateau Laurier? Even if it's a posh Hotel, Iv'e heard from my supervisor that they have interesting cocktails.

        EDIT: note that this will probably cost you an arm to get a drink there.

        1. re: sophie.brunet

          The LCBO puts the SAQ to shame, and the one on Rideau is the crown jewel in the Ottawa area.

        2. L'Autre Oeil Bistro on rue Principal is quite good, but not really too accessible unless you have a car. Great beer and cider selection, not sure about cocktails. Their website est seulement en francais, but easy enough to figure out.