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Pls help me find: watercress, bonito, daikon

I have a few things I'm trying to get my hands on here in Montreal so am just going to put them all in one post.

watercress - I haven't seen this before, but then again, I haven't looked, and it's entirely possible this can be had at the most basic supermarket. Is it? And if not, where can I get it (fresh)?

bonito - I want to make my own dashi, and would like to purchase a chunk of the dried (smoked?) bonito for this, rather than the pre-flaked stuff - is this available?

daikon radish (fresh) - again, possible this is readily available...


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  1. Watercress : Always available at Marché Jean-Talon. I also bought some today at Rachelle Bery.

    Daikon : In most natural food stores. Bought some from Québec last weekend at C'est la vie naturellement. It's in season right now I think.

    Bonito : http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/716775

    1. Most Metros, IGAs, and Loblaws I've been to carry both watercress and fresh daikon. You can also find them at Supermarché P.A. downtown... they don't seem terribly difficult to track down. Bonito is another story!

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        Your best bet for a chunk of bonito is calling Miyamoto in Westmount. (it's part of the list in the thread Glaff posted earlier.) If they don't have it currently they might be able to get it for you, or tell you when it'll be in stock.

        382 Avenue Victoria
        Westmount, QC H3Z 2N1
        (514) 481-1952

      2. All the above is available at the Japanese Store on Decarie Blvd below Sherbrooke next to Play it Again Sports.

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          That store, Jang Teu, is Korean, but they do have a large selection of Japanese products.

          That being said, daikon is absolutely everywhere, nowadays. Watercress is available at all Chinese/Vietnamese supermarkets. I don't know about solid chunks of bonito. I've never shopped for the stuff. If anybody had it, it would be Miyamoto.

        2. I"ve bought watercress at Sakaris on St-Laurent, saw it at Marché Adonis yesterday. Might be worth checking Eden near Cinema du Parc for bonito. Marché Hawaii will probably have everything.

          1. Thank you all, looks like I won't have to look hard for watercress or daikon. Good. Will check out Miyamoto foods tomorrow probably. :)

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              Daikon: Ecollegey and 3 Piliers on the Plateau. Also sold by my Equiterre organic farm (Les jardins du petit tremble at 4449 Berri in parking lot across from metro Mont-Royal every second Wednesday)
              Watercress: have seen it at Valmont stores on Mont-Royal.
              Bonito: think it can be found here: http://foodpages.ca/MiyamotoJapanese

            2. Are you guys referring to the canned stuff or fresh??

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                Canned? I think you're confusing Japanese bonito and Spanish Bonito del Norte. The OP is looking for Japanese dried fish.

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                  I don't know... I've seen canned bonito and obviously watercress before.

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                    This is what the OP is looking for. It's used for making dashi (Japanese fish stock) - and it's a completely different beast than any type of canned tuna:


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                      Yes I know what bonito flakes are... I personally detest them (taste like fish food!)

                      I'm just saying that Ive seen them packaged in can before.

                      And watercress are easily found canned; moreso then fresh which I've only seen in Chinatown. I was actually referring to this more than the bonito though in the original post.