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Nov 22, 2011 03:50 PM

Kew Gardens / Forest Hills

Can anyone suggest a glatt kosher restaurant of any type in Kew Gardens or Forest Hills, New York?

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  1. There's lots to choose from. What are you looking for? What type of food? Upscale/downscale? Someplace for the family? Business lunch/dinner? Something quick?

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    1. re: cb3

      Right now, I am just trying to find out what is available, so please let me know all of the "lots to choose from."

      1. re: jzuckesq

        I am not sure if there are lots to choose from, but perhaps the question is if you are referring to Kew Gardens or Kew Gardens Hills. I don't know of sit down restaurants in Kew Gardens - probably has a pizza place. Forest Hills has Cho-sen Gardens Chinese restaurant which I think is still good and a pizza place (both on 108th street). There are various Bukharian restaurants, but not all would be considered glatt kosher.
        If you do mean Kew Gardens Hills, there are several options on Main Street alone. Several pizza places (La Bella, Shimon's , Naomi's Benjy's), at least one bagel place, Carlos and Gabby's, Sushi Metsuyan, the sit down part of La Bella (nice dairy), Kosher Corner (not sure if its still called that - sit down dairy but casual), a couple of Israeli shwarma places etc. etc.

        1. re: sl96

          Thanks, but I meant Kew Gardens, not Kew Gardens Hills.

          1. re: jzuckesq

            Sorry, I thought you meant KGH. Kew Gardens doesn't have much. There is a new meat place on Metropolitan that's under the Vaad of Queens. I forgot the name, but it should be listed on the Vaad's web site. I haven't sampled the food there yet.

            Forest Hills has Chosen Garden and there's a great new sushi place around the corner from Chosen, but it's takeout only.

            1. re: jzuckesq

              There is also Grill Palace (64-19 108th Street (718) 897-2400) a block from Chosen that serve shwarma etc. and a Pizza Place another block away -- Pizza Palace Cafe (63-60 108th Street (718) 997-7492 ). Also near Kew Gardens is another Pizza shop Queens Pizza (116-14 Queens Blvd. (718) 544-5800 ). Both pizza shops have more than just pizza. And finally there is Stir Fry Company (100-19 Queens Blvd. (718) 896-0310 ) which is mostly Chinese food -- although it is a dingy. And there is another Shwarma restaurant --- this one on Queens Boulevard -- Rego Pita 97-12 Queens Blvd. (718) 897-2746 )