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Nov 22, 2011 03:43 PM

How to make veggie dip thicker?

I made my own veggie dip using a recipe, but substituted plain yogurt for sour cream. It tastes good but is runny. How can I make it thicker?

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  1. Add garlicky mashed potatoes?

    1. You could drain it in cheese cloth, next time drain your yogurt first before making the dip. Just put your dip in cheese cloth and hang, I hang it over a wooden spoon handle that I secure with clothes pin and let it drain.

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      1. re: TDEL

        I would strain it too. A coffee filter also works.

      2. You could stir in a softened brick of cream cheese but if you were using yogurt to save some calories/ fat it'll make up for it!

        I'm guessing you used regular yogurt- a nice thick greek yogurt and gentle stirring will usually stay thick.

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          was gonna suggest the same. funny, b/c i was eyeing some greek yogurt in the fridge that I need to do something with as I can't finish it all by expiration date and now I know just the thing!

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            Its about 2 cups of dip, how much cream cheese would you suggest?

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              I would just add it a bit at a time until you like the consistency.

          2. I second the Greek yogurt. If you are trying to thicken the batch you already made, I wonder how it would be to add some of those fried garlic pieces you get at the Asian grocery. They are dry, and I bet they'd soak up some liquid and taste good in the dip.

            1. If you have time to pick up some xanthan gum you could use that; sparingly. Alternatively, guar gum.

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                I just tried this and it was a disaster. Probably because I wasn't sure was "sparingly" meant. I suggest Greek yogurt before any amount of xanthan dip just turned into a really sticky, lumpy bread dough.