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Nov 22, 2011 02:57 PM

a real challenge (in the subway)

any good food to eat within the subway system? any boro but prefer Manhattan. doing a subway tour of interesting places and would like to include something to eat .help!!!!

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  1. There have been mixed reports on Tracks, which is in Penn Station. Grand Central has a lot of restaurants. Both those are "sort of" within the subway system.

    I've never seen any decent restaurant in the subway itself. There's a Sbarro's ... ick.

    1 Penn Plz, New York, NY 10119

    1. This will not be a fun nor rewarding adventure.

      1. I've never seen any food for sale once you're through the turnstile save chips & candy available at newsstands. You might luck out and encounter a churro vendor, or a couple of very long-in-the-tooth "students" selling M&Ms to support their "basketball team."

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        1. re: small h

          thanks all I was thinking more of something quick like a good sandwich type or other take out as we will be touring around and would probably only want to spend up to 20 minutes for food just something fresh or yummy....

          1. re: AubWah

            I would do Grand Central or Penn Station if absolutely necessary , thanks

            1. re: willtravel

              If you're primarily interested in saving time, you're better off just going above ground at a smaller station near a place you want to visit, rather than wandering around Penn Station or Grand Central. Either way, you're going to have to pay another fare to get back on the train.

              But I'm still confused about your goal. Are you doing "a subway tour of interesting places" that are all *in* the subway? If so, just figure out where you'll likely be when you want to eat, and someone will suggest a nearby place to get food quickly.

        2. The food court at Grand Central is your only possibility.

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          1. re: mahler5

            Even that is not within the turnstyle so the OP may as well leave the subway altogether.

          2. If you're looking for food options in a subway station, you're SOL other than for the previously noted chips and M&Ms. If you want food that can be purchased "underground" while exploring, then I will suggest the Rockefeller Center station.on the B,D,F lines. You come out the turnstyles and then on the same level go into the mall where there's a wide choice of places. From Subway (sandwiches) to the Sea Grill and lots in bewteen.

            Sea Grill
            19 W. 49th Street, New York, NY 10020

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            1. re: Bkeats

              thanks all
              I am trying to show the group surprising places in the subway or maybe Grand Central
              I already have quite a few places of art and architecture and was hoping a food treat could be included as a real surprise.
              as you see it is a most difficult challenge but one I hope to conquer.
              we are not talking gourmet we are talking interesting , edible , surprising etc I think you know what I mean
              anyway thanks so much for all your thoughts

              1. re: willtravel

                The obvious place in Grand Central is the Oyster Bar. I actually have never been inside of it, but every New Yorker knows about it.

                Grand Central Oyster Bar
                89 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017

                1. re: Pan

                  great place but I dont think many of my group will be ready for Oysters . please .appreciate all the help continue to help me brainstorm if possible. inexpensive is also good.
                  i am even thinking to go to Atlantic Ave station maybe something great in the mall there . this is a winter lets be indoors trip so we don't get cold. did I forget to tell you I am bringing 15 seniors ( but very hip ones)

                  1. re: willtravel

                    Take the F train to Coney Island and get some Nathans

                    1. re: princeofpork

                      so when did that move to the subway? ha. I hate to say it but those dogs are good

                    2. re: willtravel

                      "something great in the mall there"

                      Not even close - ALL chains: Cold Stone Creamery; Chuck E Cheese; Burger King; etc.


                    3. re: Pan

                      The food options side of Grand Central are your best best.

                      Grand Central Oyster Bar has great atmosphere and even if you don't eat anything there, it is pretty great just to peek inside and look at the ceiling, etc.

                      They have a takeout sandwich window that may fit the needs of your group. It is open Monday through Saturday from 11:30am until 6pm.


                      Overall, you will only find pre-packaged snack options behind the turnstile. Aside from Rockefeller Center and Grand Central there is is very little interesting/surprising/edible that fits into your tour.

                      Grand Central Oyster Bar
                      89 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017