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Nov 22, 2011 02:50 PM

Floor tiles for Pizza Stones

A friend says he uses Italian Unglazed ceramic tiles for Pizza \ Bread stones. He just lays them on a cookie sheet. He has been doing this for years without any problems, he claims. He even leaves them in the oven and turns on the self-cleaning cycle. Has anyone else had any experience doing this? I am a bit wary of trying it.

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  1. Nothing to worry about. Your friend's legit. I'm guessing you're referring to unglazed quarry tiles? The hard part for some people is finding the unglazed tiles. Totally cool as long as they aren't treated.

    1. I had 4 unglazed ceramic tiles inside the oven in my apartment in New York for years. Yes I used it for pizza and always kept them inside the oven due to no storage space (did I mention a New York City kitchen?).
      Yes they work. I think that a so-called pizza stone is nothing more than a ceramic tile although I believe it is thicker.
      I have seen Alton Brown roast meat on a unglazed clay saucer, covered with an unglazed bell shaped pot from the home depot and they work well.
      I am seriously thinking of getting a big unglazed clay saucer for my pizzas... why not? Besides they are cheap!
      In fact I was thinking of getting them

      1. Sounds to me like it should work. I don't have any experience with the tiles, but I do bake pizzas on top of firebrick splits on a charcoal grill. Works very well.