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Where to find juniper berries ?

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I've been looking for juniper berries (baies de genièvre) in regular supermarkets and in a couple specialized groceries (Bulk Barn and health food stores) in the last few weeks, but I haven't been able to find any. I don't remember them to be so hard to find in the past, but oh well...

I guess it would be easy to find them at Épices de Vienne in Jean-Talon market, but I'm in the Longueuil area and guess they'd be pricier there. I would prefer to find them on the South Shore, although I'd go to 'Montreal if I still can't find'em around.

So, any leads ? Have I just been looking wrong and it's under my eyes; is anybody looking for them too ? Has it became rare all of a sudden, an out-of-date spice or what ? It's simply sooo good in homemade sasages, hearty stews, with rabbit or turkey... Anyways.

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  1. Les Douceurs de Marché at the Atwater Market has them.

    1. I have found some at Fleur Sauvage on Monkland, in NDG village (again, not on the south shore...)

      1. I've bought them at la Fruiterie du Plateau on Roy/ Berri before.