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Nov 22, 2011 11:26 AM

Best service (and food) - Keens, Luger, Sparks or Old Homestead?

Me and my husband are going to NYC and would like to enjoy a nice steak dinner. Last year we tried Minetta Tavern and really loved both the food and the atmosphere. But his this time we would like to try a new place. Our main choices are Keens , Peter Luger, Sparks and Old Homestead. We want to enjoy a good steak, but also be sure to get a good service. Where should we go? I have heard that the steaks are best at Luger's but that the service is so-so. Which of the above is the better alternative? Or do you have any other suggestions? We really do not want to go outside Manhattan (except if we choose Luger's of course).

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  1. I vote for Keenes. The atmosphere is charming. The service is professional and the food is delicious.

    72 West 36th St., New York, NY 10018

    1. I would go off your list and reco Strip House.
      I did not enjoy my meals at SParks or Homestead, both because of service.

      Sparks Steak House
      210 E 46th St, New York, NY 10017

      Old Homestead
      56 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10011

      Strip House
      13 E 12th St, New York, NY 10003

      1. Keen's is a beautiful room, thick with atmosphere. I have eaten there a dozen times, and service has always been exemplary. It is never stiff, always festive. The steaks are top-notch, and the sides, including french fries, are always perfect. I have ordered a simple grilled dover sole, there, and it was terrific, if steak isn't a foregone conclusion. The ice cream sundae is also memorable.

        72 West 36th St., New York, NY 10018

        1. Ok, thanks for the input. Has anyone been to Lugers and can tell me something about the service there?

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            I hesitate to answer since your standards might be more stringent than my own,as evidenced by your query. Having said that, I will offer that I thought the service at Lugers was professional and competent. Not at all gruff as is/was the reputation. Welcoming, in fact. We knew what we wanted so did not have many questions on food, or wine. Surely this depends in part on your particular server, however.

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              Luger's is great and has its own vibe, it's not beautiful, more utilitarian, the service is efficient and not overfriendly. Keen's is a wonderful experience, one of the cosiest restaurants in the city, I love it. Old Homestead has a very simple room, the service is excellent. I haven't been to Sparks but can attest to phenomenal food at the other three.

            2. I've been to Old Homestead the most and I would say 75% of the time the steaks were really great. The service here, at Lugers and Sparks is classically gruff. Act like a Wall Street CEO and Demand! They all seem to understand that. If you drink wine, by the glass' quality is often sub standard so order a 1/2 or full bottle instead.