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Nov 22, 2011 11:14 AM

Fresh Pasta sheets - Bucks county area

Hi All,

My sister is making pumpkin ravioli as a first course for Thanksgiving. She asked if lasagna sheets would work... the ones I've seen at Tallutos are too thick. (been there, tried that)

She lives in the Perkasie/Sellersville area, but I live in Lansdale area and would be willing to travel, does anyone know where we can get fresh pasta sheets that would be suitable for ravioli?

(the backup, wonton or gyoza wrappers... been there done that too)


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  1. How many ravs are you making? Why not make the dough yourself?

    What you may want to do as an option is use the pumpkin filling and shells for pumpkin stuffed shells or manicotti...

    1. Angelo Italian Specialties in Yardley has them. A little far from you though. I have used them for lasagna. They are not too thick (I don't think).

      1. Another option is buy the Tallutos sheets and roll them thinner yourself with a rolling pin

        1. Ravioli for 14 people, which is why she'd like to be able to buy the sheets. Doing 80 something ravioli individualy with wonton wrappers would be extremely time consuming

          niether of us has a pasta rolling machine (not even the hand crank one) and hand rolling with a rolling pin just doesn't give a thin enough product

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            Ask Talluto's to put them through the roller an extra time or two for you.