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Nov 22, 2011 10:56 AM

Where to buy meat (steak) in center city philadelphia?

I've gone to Harry Ochs, but now that they've moved, I was wondering what other good butchers there are in center city? Preferably at a reasonable price. I hear the Italian market has some good ones? Any recs?

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  1. Sonny D'Angelo or Esposito's in the Italian Market are both good. DiBruno's Center City has good beef but you'll pay for it! Depending on what you are looking for Fair Food Farmstand in the RTM has excellent grass fed beef (and pork and lamb and even veal that has run around and played). Also look for Livingood's at local Farmers Markets (5th and Passyunk and South market on Tuesdays but that is ending soon I think they might go year round to Clarke Park, not sure - again grass fed beef.

    1. A friend put me on to Lombardi's Prime Meats at 1801 Packer Avenue. They break down sides of beef as opposed to the far more common cryovac, factory packed. Butchers are cooperative and cut to your spec. Not steak house caliber steaks, but very close.

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        I have bought some ribeyes there. Nice guys.

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          Do they have USDA Prime?

          Anyone tried Tom's Prime Meats on Easy Passyunk?

        2. I always go to the Amish stand in Reading Terminal. The freshness is superb and the prices are reasonable. Plus, the meat is local. My mouth waters thinking about their filet mignon.

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          1. I think they're known mostly for sausages, but I recently purchases some nice NY strips from Martin's in RTM. They turned out great enough that I don't feel the need to go out for steak at a steakhouse any time soon.