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Nov 22, 2011 10:44 AM

Dry stuffing shelf life?

I have some Peppridge Farm stuffing mix upopened in a bag from last Thanksgiving. The exp date says 1/11/12. Do you think it'd still be okay to use? I don't want to ruin my stuffing for want of a bag of bread cubes. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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  1. I'd use it! If you look closely, I'll bet the bag says "best if used by". You won't taste any difference. I have an opened bag of Pepperidge Farm from last year that I'm still using, and it's been open for months after the "best if used by" date.

    1. Funny you should ask. I have a multi-pack box that had a "best-by" date of last month and I just made a test batch yesterday and it's perfect. So I'll be using the remaining bags with confidence.

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        Thanks so much for your spot-on advice. I'm determined not to make one last trip to the grocery store so this suits me just fine! Happy Thanksgiving.

      2. I am so glad you asked this question--and like the responses. I am in the same boat; overbought last year and never used the extra bag. Figure the food manufacturers purposely put a "best buy" date just before T-day! Who knows maybe the aged bag will make an even better stuffing!