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Nov 22, 2011 10:15 AM

Yucatan Peninsula: Christmas pastries, sweets, deserts

Hola Chowhounds! I'm a freelance expat photojournalist living in Merida. In about 48 hours, I have an article due for the lead Sunday newspaper in a Mediterranean country on: Christmas sweets in Mexico. It's my Editor's idea. I asked if she, a Brit, meant candies or pastries. Pastries, she said, and if I can find a recipe or two, even better. For what I want, any suggestions with a fairly detailed description would be best of all. Mil gracias. bb

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  1. I'd be glad to write the article--tell your editor to contact me.

    1. Thanks for the offer but even if I weren't one of their regular columnists, the deadline is upon me, it's too late to change now. Besides, I'm all set with plenty to write about. Last year, describing Christmas here in Mexico for our readers, I explained what an active two months the Christmas season represents. This year I'm going into greater detail about the sweetest part. My research is done and I'm writing.

      Nonetheless, it's good to know about you and Mexico Cooks. Your blog is going on my "Favorites" list right now.