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Nov 22, 2011 09:55 AM

Thanksgiving in Kampala?

Anyone know where we can get a traditional American Thanksgiving turkey dinner in Kampala?

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  1. Serena hotel will have a Turkey special, not sure how traditional it will be though

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      We had Thanksgiving at The Lakes restaurant, Kampala Serena. Pretty weird night in that the chef was dealing with power outages. He had half-cooked turkeys in his ovens and had to slice white meat and fry it to serve at the buffet. (I give him credit for spontaneous creativity.) We had the usual good Serena service, but it was definitely not a typical American Thanksgiving meal. As an aside, we paid $230 dollars for a 2007 French Chablis. Not only was the price an insult, but it had a screw cap! And it was a highly mediocre bottle of wine. I would be very careful when looking at the wine list, and be sure to do currency conversions before you order.

      1. re: wahzah

        Interesting to hear. I agree with checking on wine prices, I have very rarely found any wine off restaurant wine lists, matching up to price. Most are badly transporetd resulting in the wine being damaged.
        Wasn't the pearl of Africa doing anything special for thanksgiving?