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Nov 22, 2011 07:48 AM

Tiered Cake - Help with Chocolate Cake Recipe

I have posted before about making a tiered cake for my daughter's first birthday. I am completely committed to this, so please don't suggest changing the plan. I have tried several recipes as test runs for the real one, and everyone likes the flavor of the classic Hershey's Cocoa Box cake best. Other trials included Magnolia bakery recipe, Sky High Cakes book recipe, Smitten Kitchen chocolate birthday cake, etc.

My question is: the Hershey cake is soft and fluffy, which is delicious, but does anyone know if my layers will hold up? I am planning to freeze the cakes before I frost them with boiled flour vanilla frosting, so they should firm up, and the frosting is pretty hearty, so that should hold ok. I am going to use straws as supports. Should I be worried about the texture of the cake being strong enough? Any thoughts, advice or experience would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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  1. Have you looked at cake supplies? There are supports, bases and all that stuff at our local Hobby Lobby. With a fluffy cake, you might want to look at actual cake tier supplies instead of just straws.
    Also, I add more flour to box cakes. I like a firmer texture. We also live at a high altitude.

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      I meant the recipe on the box of the Hershey cocoa - it's a scratch cake, just the recipe is from the box - oops. But thank you for your advice. I have a cake supply store near me, so I'll check with them. That's a great idea. Thank you!

    2. It would hold w/ support, cardboard below each tier, which will make serving so much easier, too. The Wilton site has helpful information on tiers. Also, if you like the Hershey cake, I'd consider the epicurious chocolate layer cake that's often recommended here. It's already scaled larger and is almost the same. I'd link it but am on my phone. As fun tiering goes, I think I have one on my profile page that I did for someone's first birthday but you can see how easy it is with the right equipment.

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        Thanks so much. I just looked it up - the Double Chocolate Layer Cake. It looks perfect and like you said, scaled bigger which is a big help. Thanks so much!

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          As Chowser says, with cardboard rounds and support, you should be fine. If you are only doing two layers, straws should suffice for the support.