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Nov 22, 2011 07:03 AM

December Issue of Bon Appetit

Admittedly, I am one of those people who eat meat but rather not see animals being slaughtered. While looking through my newly delivered copy of Bon Appetit, I can across an article about ducks and lo and behold, the picture for the article was a box of dead ducks--unplucked, just lying there, staring into oblivion. I found it upsetting and couldn't reconcile the photo with the chirpy (no pun intended) tone of the article. I'd be interested in any opinions on the appropriateness or not of the photo.

Here's a link for the article.

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  1. Beautiful picture, but really creepy. really creepy. Especially in a suitcase.

    1. I definitely noticed that photo. My only reaction was that it was odd moreso than anything else, but your comments make me wonder if it would have been less disturbing if they had been plucked?

      I guess the presence of that photo annoys me because it's unlikely that's how they were actually delivered,

      1. LOL, I'm not phased by the picture in the article. My father was a hunter, and I'd sometimes find unpleasant surprises when I'd stop in the garage. "Um dad, why is there a small pile of guts on top of the dog kennel?"

        But I was TOTALLY FREAKED OUT about 10 years ago when I ate in a NYC Chinese restaurant, and they had a stack of of plucked ducks sitting in the kitchen counter window facing me while I ate. Most disturbing meal of my life. Funny what gets us.

        1. I found it...surprising, but a good picture. Clearly staged for photography purposes but a worthy reminder of where the meals we enjoy come from. A lot of people want to just think of meat as it comes processed for supermarkets in plastic and styrofoam, but I appreciate the reminders that we are eating the flesh of an animal and that its life should be properly honored. I also liked that the article did bring emphasis to the use of as much of the ducks as could be had - not just the breast meat but rendering the fat, cooking down the bones and legs - so at the end of the day I was happy, not sad or upset, at the picture.

          For what it's worth, my mother raises pigs for meat and slaughter as naturally as she can, and I have photos of happy adorable little piglets which are now (a year or two later) wrapped up in my freezer and ready for holiday meals. And I savor every bite of that pork and thank those pigs for the sustenance they bring me.

          1. I found it surprising for BA, but not really upsetting. I don't see pictures of dead ducks very often, but I eat them and that's what they look like dead.