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Nov 22, 2011 06:52 AM

Nomination for Best Cuban Sandwich - Gustazo Belmont

Had one yesterday. Have to nominate this for best Cubano in Boston.

While I love the one at Chez Henri, it really is too meaty (oxymoron I know).

For starters the roast pork was clearly house made and super flavorful.

A proper cubano should honestly not be PILED with meat, that is just not correct.

It is all about balance between the pork, the ham, the cheese, the bread, the pickles.

Seriously, this was a PERFECT cubano. They also knocked the price down to $9.99 at lunch which is a bit more palatable. It comes with a nice bag of house made thin crispy plantain chips which were perfectly executed as well. I prefer the beefier chewy tostones, but these were spot on.

The resto itself is really a gorgeous little gem of a place and the staff is very earnest and tries very hard to please.

Next up I have to try their ropa vieja and the garbanzos and chorizo, two of my all time favorite dishes.

289 Belmont Street
Belmont MA 02478

Phone: (855) 487-8296

Chez Henri
1 Shepard Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

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  1. Looks good.. I head that way to pick up Sophia's yogurt, have to make that trip a two-fer now to try it..

    1. If you ever find yourself on route 1 in Scarborough, Maine, stop into the Cheese Iron and try their version. It is spectacular.

      1. Yah, good find. Tried it when the area the other day. Great sandwich. Most other dishes coming out looked good as well. I will try the Pan con Lechon next time.

        1. Another Cuban, the new best (for me): Picco has added one to their menu in the last week, and it's delicious. The pork is really smoky (in a good way, but almost overwhelming) on account of the oven, great pickles, it's sour / salty / spicy / smoky on a good baguette. Well worth the $11.

          505 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02116

          1. Tried this Cuban today and it ruled.
            Will be going back for sure.

            Agree completely with StriperGuy about the balance. So good.