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Nov 22, 2011 05:37 AM

Xiao Long Bao at Ten Ichi F

My family and I went to Ten Ichi in Framingham last weekend at the recommendation of a friend. While not a huge fan of shabu-shabu style food, we have been on the lookout for decent xlb in the Boston area

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  1. and were pleasantly surprised to find a really good xlb there (oops, sorry for the errant premature original posting... new to this forum).

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    1. re: Kreino

      if you have been on the lookout for decent xlb in the Boston area, you're probably aware that Boston has several places with decent xlb-- have you tried any of them and how do they compare with the place you mention?

      1. re: barleywino

        I wish Ten Ichi was good as it's in my neighborhood. But the reviews on other site deter me from trying it. The restaurant should spend more resources in improving their food instead of writing counter reviews.

        1. re: barleywino

          Where would you recommend, BW? I have been disappointed in most xlb i have had around here.

          1. re: Guido

            Obviously "decent" is not as strong a recommendation as "good", "excellent" or "outstanding". To avoid getting sucked into a lengthy discussion comparing boston vs other cities, which the moderators frown upon, let's just say that among the places around here, the places to go to for decent xlb imo include jojo taipei, winsor and dumpling cafe (not to be confused with gourmet dumpling house). Possibly taiwan cafe as well, although their xlb seem to be sloppier. I defiine"decent" as having noticeable soup inside, nothing more; extra points for delicacy of the wrapping, softness and flavor of the filling, elasticity and freshness of the dough, shape of the top knot etc would push the rating up but I try not to get my expectations too high. Haven't been to shangri-la for quite a while, but the last time I had their xlb, I found them only so-so. Shanghai gate's xlb inexplicably have very little soup inside.