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Thanksgiving Pie---When are you actually baking it?

I'm assuming most people make the dough ahead of time. I'm wondering if you are filling and baking it on Thanksigiving. If so, are you putting it in the oven while everyone is eating the meal? Or are you baking it in the am. If it is pumpkin are you serving it from the fridge? Thank you!

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  1. Because we will be preparing Thanksgiving dinner at my SIL's house with two smallish wall ovens, I will make all five pies tomorrow. It simply would not be possible to do the pies and everything else on Thursday. I know that we have left the pies on the counter after Thanksgiving for early Friday breakfast, so I am not concerned about leaving them out. They will be well-covered. It is possible that I could bake the pumpkin pies on Thursday if I get there early enough, but I feel strongly that pies should be served at room temperature, and never still warm or cold from the refrigerator.

    1. Well, I'm not baking pie, but rather other desserts, and I am baking two of them on Wednesday because they need time to chill, and then two of them in the morning of Thursday itself. I plan to wake up early because Thanksgiving at home is way more lunch than dinner.

      1. The best hint i got about pies is to bake them in advance and have them at room temperature. When the turkey comes out of the oven, turn it off, put the pies in and the residual heat will heat them in time for dessert. Pumpkin pie stays on the counter, no refrigerating.

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          Chowser, that was a GREAT hint. Thank you!

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            I love that hint--I got that from the ex-pastry chef from the Inn at Little Washington in a class. That alone was worth the price of admission;-)

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              Oh, wow I just loved that restaurant.

        2. The sweet potato pie will get made Wednesday afternoon or evening, the crumble will be made Thursday noon, just before the turkey goes in. If I were making the crumble I'd make it after the turkey came out of the oven, but a kid is making it so it takes about twice as long to prepare. Room temperature will be just fine.

          1. Making all of my pies on Wednesday. Will let them cool off, wrap them in plastic, and pur them under the hood of my grill tomorrow night! The two turkeys will also be outside, on mky back porch, in a cooler. Am picking up the birds tomorrow, too. No room to make the pies on Thursday with two birds. Will be busy tomorrow rearranging my dining room- have to move a china cabinet and a buffet, so we can fit another table in the dining room. The kids table will be in the kitchen- have a c rowd of 26 this year, so am trying to be super organized. Will see how it goes!

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              Oh my goodness!! I live for entertaining, but just thinking about 26 people at my house for a full meal is giving me heart palpitations! I give you credit!

              I, too, will bake my pies on Wednesday and store them outside. Didn't think about under the grill..but that's a FABULOUS idea!

            2. I bake pumpkin and pecan pies Wednesday night, have for years. I put the dough I make and refrigerated Saturday in the pans last night and put them in the freezer.

              Not something I want to worry about on Thursday, and the less then 24 hours between baking and eating works out fine. I store the baked pies in the garage if it's cold enough, fridge if not.

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                Agreed. I do my pumpkin and pecan pies Wednesday (some years even on Tuesday) and they are fine on Thursday. No ill affects IMHO.

                I do my apple pie on Thursday though, I think fruit pies don't hold up quite as well.

              2. I'm doing a Pumpkin Cheesecake tomorrow. It'll rest in the 'fridge overnight.

                1. I'm making a buttermilk brown butter pie tomorrow (Wednesday) and putting it in the fridge until I leave for my brother's house Thursday morning. I like pie that is a day or two old with a slight chill to it much better than the day it is baked. I like the "congealed" texture of the filling.

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                    I would totally love that recipe, ttommyy...care to share?

                  2. I'm doing everything Thursday am. We usually eat at about 6pm and have a double wall oven. I'm only making three 7" pies, so they will fit in the oven together.

                    1. I've already made my pie crust, and it's been in the freezer for a week. Last night I took it out, and it's defrosting in the fridge. Tonight I'll roll the crust out into the pie plate, cover it, and put it back into the fridge. Then tomorrow I'll defrost my apple filling, whip up the crumb topping and pop it into the oven. I'll let it cool thoroughly on a rack, then cover it and leave it on the counter until serving time. It'll be accompanied with cinnamon ice cream or whipped cream!

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                        My pie and tart crusts are in the fridge and at the ready for me to roll them out this evening. After I roll them out, I'll do what Heidi cooks and bakes did. The "wet" fillings are already made. I have my pumpkin pie filling in a plastic container in the fridge. My pecan pie filling is at the ready as well. The pecans are bagged and in the pantry. I will pre-bake the tart shell tomorrow and then fill it with the nutella and ganache. That'll all be done tomorrow.
                        I've made the frosting/filling for my pumpkin roulade. The cake will be baked and rolled and covered in plastic wrap this evening and on Thursday, all I'll do is frost/fill it. I feel as though I'm in a good spot right now!

                      2. If I am having pie for dinner, regardless of whether it is Thanksgiving or not, I bake it in the late morning, so that it can cool and set at room temp for about 6 hours.

                        1. We eat our main meal around 1pm on Thanksgiving, so I have to bake on Wednesday if I don't want to get up at 3am. The pies will be the last thing I do before bedtime, though. Only the pumpkin will go in the fridge (apple and cherry should never be cold!). My husband is the main pumpkin pie eater in the house and he likes it either cold or at cool room temp, so he'll have a slice when it's straight from the fridge and then let it sit on the counter so that his subsequent slices can be just a little warmer.

                          1. I made pecan the day before TG.

                            1. I baked all my pies on Thanksgiving day. I got up before everyone else and did the ones that needed baking but didn't need refrigeration--choc-cran-pecan and two apple variations. While those were in the oven, I prepared the crusts of the other three pies (pumpkin chiffon, rasp. key lime, and mocha buttercrunch) and then I baked those off after the first pies were done. I filled those pies once the turkey etc went into the oven and there was more room for them in the fridge.

                              1. This is my first Thanksgiving dinner that I have cooked without my mother (RIP) I have decided that I am going to make dinner for some of my closest friends on Saturday. I have no idea how soon to bake my pies and how to store them or anything. So any advice would be appreciated. Thank you :-)

                                1. I'll make the crust Wednesday night, then bake the pumpkin pie on Thursday morning. I'll serve at room temp with fresh whipped cream.

                                  1. I will be making my pies Weds morning, the first cooking I will do; the apple will stay fine at room temp and the pumpkin will be in the garage where it's a bit cooler. The apple I will pop in the oven just before dessert is served, the pumpkin at whatever temp it is (pretty close to room as it will be on display beforehand!)

                                    I've been told (by a major foodservice pie manufacturer) that pies should never be refrigerated unless they have a custard filling. Which is why I'm a little more cautious with the pumpkin. Fruit pies are good for many days (I believe they said a week), with all that sugar in them to preserve.