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Nov 22, 2011 03:39 AM

Carrots in stuffing?

I bought some Tader Joe's mirepoix to use as the vegetables in my stuffing for Thanksgiving. I know the celery and onions are on point, but I don't see many stuffing recipes with carrots in them. Is it gross to have chopped carrots in my stuffing? TIA

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  1. I wouldn't use them in my Southern cornbread stuffing. It is super quick and easy to chop up some onions and celery. Save the mirepoix for Turkey soup.

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      Yes. Carrots never make an appearance in my Southern cornbread stuffing. I also agree that chopping up your celery and onions takes no more than a couple of minutes. I'll add that pre-chopped vegetables go leach out their flavor while sitting on the shelf and offer not much beyond an off flavor to whatever you use them in.

    2. If you like the way it tastes that is ALL that matters.

      1. I use them for color and flavor. You don't need a lot. I prefer small cubes and I blanch them in boiling water first.

        1. It's part of my stuffing whenever I make it. I cut the mirepoix fairly fine so that there isn't a pronounced taste of one or the other vegetable component and cook it down before starting to build up the rest of the stuffing.

          The carrot will add a bit of sweetness and color and I don't think there's going to be anyone who will notice (unless you're serving someone with a carrot aversion).

          1. to me traditional stuffing/dressing doesn't include carrots.
            I'd not use it for that purpose unless you think it sounds good to you.
            or pull out the carrot part of the package and use it for something else [only taking advantage of the onions and celery].