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Nov 22, 2011 03:22 AM

Zinneken's is awesome - finally some authentic Belgian waffles in Boston

I have been looking for authentic Belgian waffles for years and now I can find them in Harvard square. For those who are looking for the real Liege waffle aka Sugar waffles , Zinneken's is the place to be. For those who don't know, the Liege waffle is a yeast dough filled with pearl sugar (which creates a caramelized coat on the outside) and which is eaten plain, warm or cold as a snack in Belgium. So be aware that these waffles will be different from what people here erroneously call "Belgian waffles."

Some other shops in Boston have tried to introduce the Liege waffle but they are just giving a very fuzzy idea of what a real Liege waffle is supposed to be. If you are looking for the real deal then you should try Zinneken's because they make it with the authentic recipe.

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        1. In all fairness I had one last weekend and it was actually authentic, and excellent though a bit pricey at $5. Really delicious.

          The folks working there however were totally clueless to the point of zombie insanity.

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          1. re: StriperGuy

            If they are good the $5 might be worth it. It cost me a waffle iron trying to make them at home. Memo to self, next time clean the iron ASAP and not let the sugary buttery mess harden.

            1. re: viperlush

              I think that is why the Liege waffles have pear sugar inside so that the sugar takes more time to melt. I think that using regular pear sugar will fix the issue (plus some oil/butter ?)

          2. Judging by past reviews of this place, I have to ask:
            • has the service improved? Do simple waffle orders still take over 1/2 hr to fulfill?
            • are they still charging obscene prices for Keurig coffee?

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            1. re: Boston_Otter

              I went there for lunch last week --- when I walked in I was the only person there, and it took about 25 minutes for them to make my one waffle with chocolate, strawberries and bananas. The dough tasted good, and the chocolate was sensational, but the strawberries weren't ripe and the waffle was cold and limp by the time I received it. Other people have raved about how good they are, which I could imagine if I had gotten mine while it was hot.

              1. re: lipoff

                Can you describe the texture of your waffle? When we went, they seemed undercooked, but I admit to not knowing this type of waffle so wasn't sure what the ideal should be. Are they supposed to have a similar texture to the more common type of Belgian waffle?

                As Boston_Otter alluded to, I had a so-so experience my first time. I'd like to see them succeed and will give them another try, but at the price we paid I am not sure I wouldn't usually be compelled to spend a couple bucks less downstairs at BerryLine or half as much for an ice cream cone at Christina's.

                1. re: hckybg

                  They are supposed to be gooey inside, this is NOT an american style waffle.

                  1. re: StriperGuy

                    Mine weren't gooey, just unpleasantly chewy and certainly not authentic.

                2. re: lipoff

                  Wow, 25 min is fast for Zinneken's. They took twice as long to make our waffles.

                  The chocolate was gritty and awful when we were there so that sounds like an improvement.

                  Since our laughable experience others in the neighborhood have echoed our experience, this place is really lacking in service and value.

                  1. re: lipoff

                    As a sidenote, I've had very tasty Liege waffles from both Mr. Crepe in Davis Square and from Saus. Both of them took only a few minutes to serve me up a waffle, though I can't vouch for its extreme authenticity.