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Nov 21, 2011 10:43 PM

L'Atelier vs E by Jose Andres

I'll probably only go for one fancy meal during my upcoming visit-- which is a better choice? Thanks!

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  1. By a mile, definitely go to e by Jose Andres. While I've dined at L'Atelier only in NYC, I loved my dinner at e so much more than my dinner at L'Atelier. Similar concept (counter seating), but the food was much more creative and delicious at e. I'm already planning a return visit to e when I return to LV in the spring. I do, however, love the more formal Joel Robuchon, and it too will be on my list of dinners.

    1. ate at both on my most recent visit....would definitely go with E...ate that the first night and all thru dinner the next night at L'Atelier kept on comparing saying it just wasnt as good as the previous night..dont get me wrong, they are both fantastic..but E is a much more "fun" experience IMO

      1. Agree with the above posts. The difference between L'Atelier and e is that one is like going to an exclusive department store for your wedding dress, and one is getting a a wedding dress made specifically for you by a couture designer. E is simply in a league of its own, unmatched by any in Vegas since the late, great Bar Charlie.

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          I had dinner only once at Bar Charlie, but it was wonderful! Unfortunately, there was only me and another guest the entire dinner.

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            I ate there twice in the 3 weeks I was home in California - and that includes 2 round-trip plane flights! I thought it was such a magical experience - so glad that you did too! And I was so, so distressed when it closed.

        2. +1 for E' as its more of an interactive event and 20 courses at this price are hard to beat.

          1. Sounds interesting as we'll be staying at Cosmo as well and have already made L'Atelier reservations for a party of 6 on a Monday night but open to changing. E isn't on the Cosmo website yet. Did it take over an existing restaurant space within the Cosmo? What would be the price difference between a la carte at L'Atelier and a la carte at E? Or are they only tasting menus?


            Are China Poblano or Jaleo worth eating at during 4 days in Vegas (once-in-a-lifetime for most of our group)?

            And is Julian Serrano in Aria any better or worse than any of the 3 eateries by Jose Andres?

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              Ate at e. Really fun, really tasty. It's in Jaleo. I'll get to my trip report later tonight.

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                How was the wine? that was the weakest part of my meal there and hopefully rectified will mean a return trip for me.