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May 13, 2006 08:01 PM

Looking for canele (or cannele)!

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Does anyone know any bakeries or stores where I can find canele (or cannele)?


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  1. Surfa's has them in their cafe.

    1. Boule has them.

      1. La Brea Bakery (vanilla) and Boule (vanilla and chocolate)

        1. Mid-Wilshire: Maison du Pain might have them, and Boule and La Brea Bakery have them for sure.

          Los Feliz: Figaro Bistrot/Boulangerie in Los Feliz makes them too

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          1. re: j~

            I've tried them at Boule and La Brea Bakery..but they don't compare to the ones I've had at

            Hotcake Bakes 4119 S Centinela Ave

            I talked to the owner at Hotcake and she said they will be focusing on making a wide variety of caneles! So definitely check it out!

            1. re: cookieyumyum

              That was the ONE item at Hotcakes I really liked. The rest kinda fell flat for me...


          2. Cafe Marly on Melrose also has them. (It's a little slice of Paris there!)

            6919 Melrose Avenue
            Los Angeles, CA 90038
            (323) 933-0099
            Cross Street: Sycamore Avenue