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Looking for canele (or cannele)!

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Does anyone know any bakeries or stores where I can find canele (or cannele)?


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  1. Surfa's has them in their cafe.

    1. Boule has them.

      1. La Brea Bakery (vanilla) and Boule (vanilla and chocolate)

        1. Mid-Wilshire: Maison du Pain might have them, and Boule and La Brea Bakery have them for sure.

          Los Feliz: Figaro Bistrot/Boulangerie in Los Feliz makes them too

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            I've tried them at Boule and La Brea Bakery..but they don't compare to the ones I've had at

            Hotcake Bakes 4119 S Centinela Ave

            I talked to the owner at Hotcake and she said they will be focusing on making a wide variety of caneles! So definitely check it out!

            1. re: cookieyumyum

              That was the ONE item at Hotcakes I really liked. The rest kinda fell flat for me...


          2. Cafe Marly on Melrose also has them. (It's a little slice of Paris there!)

            6919 Melrose Avenue
            Los Angeles, CA 90038
            (323) 933-0099
            Cross Street: Sycamore Avenue

            1. Well, for those of you in the greater Atwater area, the former Osteria Nonni is now being converted by Corina's Kitchens and will be called "Canele", would you believe.
              Now whether or not caneles will be featured on the menu or become a bonbon post dinner remains to be tasted.
              But the story has it that several Nonni menu items will be retained and be available upon their opening around mid-late September.
              3219 Glendale Blvd.
              LA 90039
              Phone number: 323.666.7133