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Nov 21, 2011 06:35 PM

Quince source on the Peninsula?

Hi everyone,

Thanks to this board, I know where to find fresh quinces in San Francisco, but does anyone have a source for quince in the RWC/MP/Palo Alto area? I've gotten them at the California st. farmer's market, but the seller said he sells all of his in September and most of those to a restaurant in Big Sur.

So, anyone seen quinces more recently?

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  1. Yesterday I purchased some fresh quinces at Mi Pueblo market on Rengstorff Ave in MV. I'll bet the Mi Pueblo by IKEA in Palo Alto has some, they are a much bigger store. Generally I go to the Latin produce markets or grocery stores to get quince (membrillo). Is Sigona's still in Redwood City? They might have quinces. However like I said, the Latin produce markets are usually the most reliable resource for fresh quinces. Good luck!

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      Thank-you! I know exactly where the Mi Pueblo is, so I'm off tomorrow for quince.

    2. International market in san jose on curtner and union regularly have it


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