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Nov 21, 2011 06:23 PM

who makes the best hot dogs?

Since 1869 Rhode Islanders have sworn by Saugy's natural casing dogs. Dog lovers, I'd love to hear about your regional favorites.

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  1. For me, Nathan's Natural Casings, and if I can't get them, Nathan's skinless.

    1. There should be some other good threads about hot dogs. Hotdoglover might be along soon to offer his expertise. Natural Casing is pretty much a requirement....generally I like Nathan's, Vienna Beef makes some good dogs too. Boars Head are worth a mention.

      1. The Cook's Illustrated empire had two tastings of widely available
        dawgs. ballpark franks was tops in one, Nathan's the other. I'll take Nathan's.

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        1. re: mpalmer6c

          I bought some Hebrew Nationals while back, and either they changed the recipe or they have different recipes for different parts of the country because these dogs were tasteless. The next time I bought hot dogs I took a change on the Ballpark Deli Style dogs, and to my surprise they have a proper amount of garlic and other spices to taste like a NY hotdog. They aren't natural casing but it is my current mass market hot dog.

          1. re: Kelli2006

            Let me put it this way.
            Ball Park brand Deli Style Beef Franks certainly arent tasteless.
            They probably need to be grilled.

            1. re: GraydonCarter

              My preferred way to prepare them is definitely on a charcoal grill. I also toast the bun that I have previously applied brown mustard to.

        2. Kayem Old Tyme Natural Casing beef & pork. It is a Massachusetts company, but I just saw on their website that dogs are available online.

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          1. I don't get angry when offered Nathan's or Hebrew National.

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            1. re: jpc8015

              Both good, but better are Pearl's Kountry Klub brand - great flavor, natural casing with a serious snap to it, and they're about 1/4 lb each! Around here they're only sold from the deli case, where they have to cut them apart for you like real old-fashioned sausage links.