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Nov 21, 2011 04:36 PM

Hollywood Pies -- what happened..???

Anyone know what happened to the Chicago style pizza place -- a hidden gem located in the old Acapulco resto on La Cienega? A Chicago-born colleague of mine loved it -- but says it's suddenly gone. Someone made great pizzas -- where did he or she go??

Hollywood Pies
385 N La Cienega Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90048

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  1. They moved.

    333 S Boylston St
    Los Angeles, CA 90017

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    1. They moved to a space in downtown, but they still will deliver as far out as Hollywood/West Hollywood. I got a couple of pies delivered last week, and they're as delicious as ever. Sure, it takes a little longer to deliver that far out, but you just heat up the pizza a little bit when it gets delivered, and it's good as ever.

      I only picked up from their space once - delivery is free if you get one large or two small (or like me, one large and one small, usually), and they've been accurate, friendly and easy to use - their delivery guys use an iPhone app to accept credit cards without giving them the number over the phone.


      1. They're reporting via Twitter that they're opening a 2nd location on the west side april 13. Will still be delivery & takeout only.

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          1. re: katydid13

            According to Twitter their second location is open for business today...5 mile delivery radius, apparently.

          2. Recently discovered their new location (on Robertson, just north of Pico) is their only location, not a second one.

            1. They are moving again. They will be at La Cienega and Pico (I forgot when), and will have more seating (although no wait service) so you can eat your pizza there.

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              1. re: thranduil

                any news on if they'll be open for lunch anytime soon? they would get A LOT of business from me and my coworkers that way.

                1. re: thranduil

                  They also recently shortened their free-delivery radius to 4 miles.