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Nov 21, 2011 01:58 PM

Jose (London)

We will be in London from the 18th - 21st Dec and were hoping to visit Jose at some point during our 4 days. I read that it is pretty small, so gets cramped at the best of I was wondering if anyone knew when the best time to try a visit would be. We can fit it into our schedule anytime Mon, Tue or Wed.

Many thanks.

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  1. Best time is probably lunch on Sunday, get in around noon. On a Mon, Tue or Wed, I've always had bets luck very close open ing time (noon or 5pm).

    1. Jose is very small - it seats around 20 people - but it's well worth the short wait. I agree with Limster - your best bet is probably around opening time (noon). That said, I've been lucky when I've gone for a late lunch around 2.30-3.00pm. It's open from noon to 10.30 Mon-Sat, so if your schedule is flexible you can avoid the lunch and after-work crush.

      It's worth noting that Jose's more formal Spanish restaurant and cava bar (Pizarro) will probably be open by the time you visit. It's on the same street so it might be worth keeping an eye on his website and twitter feed.

      Fingers crossed you can try Jose - the food (and drinks) are really lovely.

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        Thanks both for the speedy replies. Really looking forward to Jose....and will build your info into our schedule.