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Nov 21, 2011 01:10 PM

Czrew's Kielbasa

Wow. Stopped at this place over the weekend to pick up some kielbasa and sausage for a tailgate. This stuff was amazing. I won't even bother going anywhere else for sausage anymore. Guys behind the counter was nice as could be, and cut off a thick chunk of the extra garlic kielbasa for us to try to make sure it wasn't "too garlicky" for us. Their "hotter than hell" sausage was fantastic and damn spicy, not just a little spicy with a scary name, it was actually spicy as hell. This place will now be absolutely mandatory for any tailgate in which grilling is involved, which is to say, all of them.

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  1. My in-laws are adamant about the other polish sausage shop up there, Swacki's or whatever their name is. That's all I have ever had in regards to kielbasa. If Czrew's is as good as advertised, I gotta try them sometime soon (and possibly make my in-laws converts). I am a big fan of spicy sausage so I definitely gotta give them a try. Thanks for the info!

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      Czrew's versus Swiaki's is the Port Richmond equivalent of Pats versus Genos. Careful what embers you stir!

      FWIW here are the websites for each place

    2. The correct spelling is Czerw's, which will be helpful for anyone trying to look it up. Check also this thread on CH:

      And they have a website:

      Mr. travelmad478 and I are huge fans (Mr. tm478 used to live in Frankford). Although it's a haul from where we live now, we still make a point of getting kielbasa there when we have big cookouts.

      1. Delicious, delicious stuff indeed. Cheesesteak pierogies are top notch as well. In terms of plain Kielbasa, I thought Swiacki's was better by a narrow margin, but Czerw's has more choices. Jalapeno Cheddar Kielbasa links are out of this world. Still have some of their stuff in my freezer from the summer that I saved because I bought so much.