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Nov 21, 2011 11:55 AM

HD1 - Anyone been yet?

I was reading John Kessler's review of HD1, Blais' new hot dog restaurant, and was wondering if anyone had tried it. I work downtown and was thinking I might drive over for lunch to check it out some day, but the few reviews I've seen were not that impressed with the food. I'll probably try it out after the holidays anyway, but would love to know what people ordered and what was good/bad/mediocre.

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  1. I have been and there is a first impressions review on my site (i'm not sure if it's acceptable to post the link directly on here). The short of the long is that I was very unimpressed during each of my two visits. I wouldn't say avoid it like the plague or anything of that sort; however, I did not see the value in the product and felt the menu items were a little too disjointed.


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      That's fairly consistent with Kessler's review on the AJC.

    2. My feelings were in the same vein as FB's. I liked what we had a lot (merguez, crawfish, farro salad, chicken livers). But like Flip, I think the price scale is a bit much for what you get.

      I do feel bad for their trials in getting the bar open due to neighborhood objections. A friend who lives right there has said that the Highland Ballroom late night is already louder than HD1 will ever be.

      1. I finally went ot HD1 for lunch today, mainly because of the Scoutmob deal, but also had the time today on my schedule to drive for lunch rather than walk around downtown. We were all pretty pleased with what we got, especially at half off, but I'm not sure I'll make the effort to go again when I could go to Super Pan across the street. I had the bratwurst, but it was so covered in mustard and carmelized onions that I really couldn't taste the brat at all. We all liked the grilled wings best, honestly. I'll give it another try if my coworkers want to go again, but I don't think it's going to be a real destination in my mind.

        1. I went using the new Scout Mob and thank goodness I had the offer! I enjoyed my meal but agree with most - pretty over-priced. Cute venue but doubtful I would return if I had to pay full price.