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Nov 21, 2011 11:05 AM

Mahwah eats - State line diner??

Going to be stopping in Mahwah Wednesday night.

Is the State Line diner any good? What about their bakery??

Other suggestions??


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  1. Have never been impressed by State Line diner. We like Roxanne's in Mahwah--nice bar, brick oven pizza, pasta, salads etc.

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      Thanks for the reply. My husband is not always a fan of italian food. But I will keep it in mind..

    2. No better or worse than any other diner. Tiffany may be an option, on the other side of 17.

      1. Are you only looking for a diner? While Roxanne's is "Italian" -- they have a nice seafood selection and it's not always heavy in Italian. They also have sandwiches and panini's as well. I am not sure if this is for dinner as well, but they do offer a nice sandwich/panini menu for lunch. You might want to check on that.

        Also, their salads and entrées can be served family style. You can of course also simply order an individual portion. They also have brick-oven pizza. Check out the menu. If you are OK with it, it is certainly a better alternative than a diner.

        Nearby, there are some good restaurants, Chinese, Greek, steak, etc. Not too far -- maybe 10 minutes down Rt. 17, and just off, is Ridgewood. Many places there -- all better than a diner.

        1. If you want Greek, head up the road from Roxanne's and go to Plaka Greek Taverna in Suffern. It's right across from the train station, close to the corner of Lafayette. We've eaten there a few times and the food was always great.

          Greek Taverna
          292 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair, NJ 07042

          1. The State Line is decent and reliable. They have just completed a whole renovation and tend to be very busy, especially when traffic is heavy because they are right on the highway.

            There are lots of other options. The Tiffany has changed and is now the Ten-Fourty Grill. Wrong side of the highway if you are heading north, and I am not impressed with the food there at all.

            There are many other options but State Line is fine.