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Nov 21, 2011 10:57 AM

Thanksgiving To-Go in Orange County: Whole Foods or Marie Callender's?

We're thinking of Whole Food or Marie Callender's for our Thanksgiving Day meal. Does anyone have any thoughts on these? Any other recommendations for pre-cooked meals in South Orange County? Thanks!

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  1. I like Lucille's. Marie Callender's is going to be basic old school, while Whole Foods will be maybe a bit more upscale, and probably more expensive.

    1. Consider Mimi's. We've been getting our dinner from them for several years and it's very good.

      1. I'd also consider Lucca in Irvine. They're doing a to-go menu on T'giving. I have not had their T'giving turkey meals, but based on the strength of the dinner we had there last week, I would feel good sending you there.

        EDIT - it might be too late. I think you missed the deadline for pre-ordering T'giving day meals. Call and confirm, though.

        1. If M/C is on your radar screen, why would Whole Foods or any other qualitative name even be an option?
          M/C has not done anything good in about a million years, give or take!