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Nov 21, 2011 10:31 AM

Pre-Buffalo Sabres Game - Wings, Beer and Atmosphere

Hi All,

I will be visiting Buffalo on Wednesday from Hamilton with 3 other hockey fans. We are looking at arriving mid afternoon for some wings, beer and appetizers close to First Niagara Center. We were looking at Pearl Street Brewery and Cobblestones... does anyone have a better suggestion? Thank you!

PS. We are huge Wing enthusiasts!

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  1. Some people like the Pearl Street Brewery for Sabres pre-game but I prefer to get further away. So many bars in Buffalo have decent enough wings I tend to judge them on other criteria. I enjoy the beer selection at Cole's on Elmwood (up near Buff State) and it has a better atmosphere than most. Closer to downtown you could do worse than Gabriel's Gate or Colter Bay (both on Allen St. near Delaware) for pre-hockey wings.

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      Thanks for the response! Much appreciated!