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Nov 21, 2011 09:15 AM

Poboy stop off I-10 between Houston and Lake Charles

Husband and I are driving to New Orleans from Austin on Wednesday. I am looking for a great po-boy spot somewhere between Houston and Lake Charles for lunch. We could go as far as Lafayette before stoping for lunch. Anything close to I-10 would be perferable so don't loose too much time on the road.

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    1. Hollier's Cajun Kitchen, Sulphur, LA. In the land between Houston and Lafayette it may be difficult to find an I-10 restaurant with good bread for their po-boys. Holliers does have decent Cajun country food but I've only eaten plate meals there.

      If been to Fausto's in Iowa to the east of Lake Charles and found it forgetable. I rarely stop for a meal traveling between Lafayette and Houston so can't give a wider selection.

      If you can hang on, Prejeans on 167 in Carencro, a few miles north of I-10 is very popular with the business and oil patch crowd.

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        Just FYI, on the Lake Charles loop, out by Lake Street , is Harlequin's, on the south service road. It is a sit-down place with Louisiana/Italian type stuff and I like it for dinner. Don;t know about lunch.

        In this case, though, I think Steamboat Bill's (NOT on the loop but,, rather, just North of the mani highway) is quite decent. Only had their boiled seafood, though.. The po-boy everyone loves over there is the one in that grocery by USL (or ULL, or whatever you want to call it) in Lafayette, but that is not an "off/on" stop. Takes five or ten minutes from I-10.