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Nov 21, 2011 09:11 AM

My lunches plan :-)

Would be glad to get comments,ideas and directions to complete my list. Still a couple of months to go (coming this time for the semi marathon on March, anyone else here enjoys running almost as much as eating :-) Well not simultaneously, most of the time..).
So plenty of time to decide, book etc.. My plan is to do almost daily lunches outside (8 days) and have dinners at apartment. Hopefully i will be able to "capture" some of Paris resto wonderful expiriences even at lunch.
2 places on my final list at this point - Josephine Chez Dumont on the "somehow old time" bistro spot and mainly for the Duck stew (and souffle desert) and Septime - a place that seem to offer what i like mostly in restaurants, innovation with much respect to tradition and especially reasonable portions of serving evan if food is innovative (and i might have totally misjudged the place but i will take the risk).

From this point on - nothing is decided yet. I'm spending hours on hours on the archive here and blog reports on the net (it fun almost as eating), writing many names and places but still "no special connection" yet. I open for everything, really, as long as budget does not exceed Septime lunch budget even to the 50-60 area.
This budget of course not for all lunches, but for another memorable one. For that i will try to add about 2-3 very nice maybe "next thing" places at 30-40 Euro area (not neceserally in the innovation category), location is non issue, if possible for places where i can get even "mini degustation"/4-5 good dishes which included cheese plate etc, that would be nice, but i'm probably a bit naive :-)

Btw on my secondery list are also CLJ and Le Agape Substance, don't know exactly why but a bit unsure about going there solo at lunch, and also the tasting menu and portions at agape feel a bit too "small and technical" for the price, but maybe i'm again, totally wrong.

Thanks !! and sorry for making this message too long.

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  1. Laidback and Dr. Talbott have excelent lists of bistros that offer relatively cheap prix-fixe menus at lunch. Most can be easily booked a few days in advance. IMO, they are comparable to those constantly mentioned on this site.

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    1. re: Oakglen

      Thanks, with Mr. Talbott's excellent website i'm very familiar. Couldn't find a link to Laidback's site but i find good information in his previous archived posts here. It seems that both liked Sola quite a lot, maybe i should consider it for the "asian fusion french upscale" category..
      And you described exactly what i would have been glad to find (relatively cheap prix for lunch comparable to..), can you please also mention which couple of places you reffer to ? :-)

      1. re: oferl

        Head for the 15th: Neva Cuisine, Court Bouillon and Le Gastroquet, are his recos. Add in Jadis and a few more and you could spend a week here and still come home with some spare change.

        1. re: Oakglen

          And to the 8th for Neva Cuisine.

          1. re: mangeur

            Thanks Mangeur, i have to say that something is a bit weird here regarding the timing of messages - i'm pretty sure that your comment was not appearing when i wrote mine, while the timestamp on your message shows it should have been around already :-)

          2. re: Oakglen

            Thanks, all those 15th recos look excellent: Le Gastroquet menu seem very nice and "straightforward", i like it and i think it should make my list. Jadis, read a lot of good reviews about it.. So another heavy candidate.. Court Bouillon i will have to search a bit "deeper" for some detailed reviews to get more "feel" of it.
            Neva C in 8th or 15th ? Cannot find website and much detailes on meals there, but what i saw is very interesting, and at around 30-36E for lunch which is nice..
            Thanks a lot for the help, i think Le Gastroquet and Neva seem already worthy of list and will read more on 2 others..