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Nov 21, 2011 08:25 AM

I found a source for duck fat! (great for seasoning/frying) [Windsor,WI]

I just picked up a 3.5# tub of duck fat (great for frying potatoes, etc) for $18.83 including tax from
4350 Duraform Lane
Windsor , WI 53598-0288
Ph. 608-846-1160

Wonderful people to deal with.

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  1. That is great news and an excellent price. I'm assuming it is rendered? I did not even know that Neesvig's sold to the public. Thanks for the info!

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    1. re: Fowler

      Thought you guys would like to know that I also saw it at fresh market in Brookfield. 7oz container. I'm sorry I don't remember the price, I think it may have been around 7 bucks, but I'm not very sure. As far as being rendered, I did look at the label,but it didnt say. Sorry, not very knowledgable about duck fat. Hope that helps!

      1. re: KoolWhip

        That does help. Thanks KoolWhip!

        1. re: KoolWhip

          When I asked a couple of weeks ago when I went in for Moxie (God's gift to soda drinkers) I was told "huh?" when asking for duck fat at fresh market.

          Next time I run to neesvigs for duck fat, I will be more than happy to get extra buckets for Milwaukee folks.

          1. re: KoolWhip

            Where was it located within The Fresh Market?

            1. re: Living4fun

              All the way in the back, maybe in dairy. Top shelf, to the left. Like I said, it was a 7oz container, not a 3.5# like the first posted found.