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Nov 21, 2011 07:47 AM

Vinny's at Chester Springs, bbq?

I've never been there, but Vinny's at Chester Springs by the intersection of 113 and 401 has a big smoker in the parking lot and is advertising ribs, etc. It smells good when you drive by.
Has anyone tried it?

It's more of a pizza place, but it seems like they recently started the bbq.

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  1. I'm also interested as I drive by daily. There seems to be more cars in the lot as well; so hopefully that's a good sign.

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    1. re: katesprings

      I have the same interest. I live very nearby. Vinny's has not been an attraction to us, except to buy beer when we have beer drinkers coming. Still, if anyone has anything to say about that BBQ, we are interested.