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Nov 21, 2011 06:34 AM

Barritt's ginger beer

Does anybody know a place to find Barritt's ginger beer in the Glen Burnie Area?


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  1. I've seen Gosling's ginger beer in the Baltimore area Giant's supermarkets. I find Gosling's similar to Barritt's in flavor. I know The Perfect Pour in Columbia carries Barritt's ginger beer.

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    1. re: amethiste

      Thank you. I will check them out. Looks like a place I should try for their Beer selection too.

    2. Not in GB, I'm afraid, but I get it at the Wine Source in Hampden.

      Hampden Cafe
      4800 Hampden Ln Ste 103, Bethesda, MD 20814

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      1. re: wordtraffic

        Here is what everybody is a listing of every store in MD/DC/VA that sells Barritt's from the distributor. I am a total Dark & Stormy snob....only Barritt's will do!!!