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Nov 21, 2011 05:48 AM

Gluten and corn free thickeners? Help!

My daughter(and it's looking like her daughter as well) has celiac disease, and very recently discovered that corn is also a problem. I have been using corn starch for gravy, cream sauce, etc as a sub for wheat flour, but that's out now. I have been looking online and can easily find lists of thickeners, but what I am looking for is actual personal experience with some of them. I presently have tapioca flour, and plan to get some arrowroot. The specific dishes I will be making for TG dinner that need thickening are the gravy, and creamed onions(which my daughter LOVES). Which thickeners would be best?
Any advice??

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  1. I use tapioca in fruit pies, and like it much better than cornstarch or flour. It has a nice body to it.

    I got some arrowroot from Penzey's recently, and have just used it once in a meat sauce, and it was just fine. No issues.

    1. I don't use any thickener in my creamed onions, just heavy cream reduced and then mixed with onions and baked--the secret ingredient in Parmigiano Reggiano though you could use any cheese.

      1. Potato flakes or flour?

        1. Potato starch flour is a very versatile thickener.

          1. Tapioca, arrowroot, sweetpotato, and water chestnut starches are excellent substitutes. Rice flour is very good for some things as well.