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Nov 21, 2011 05:46 AM

HOT FUDGE X 20 - what did i do wrong?

Okay so I took a classic hot fudge recipe and scaled it to 20 X what it was initially. I was intending to make the kind of hot fudge that hardens a little on the ice cream. I had 5 pounds of chocolate and all the other ingredients filled my large stock pot. It took awhile to get it all to the boiling point but I COULD NOT get the temperature to go above 213 degrees? I don't get it! I finally had to take it off because it started to scorch. Any ideas why it didn't work?

I think the recipe would be GREAT if I could just figure that part out. I'm happy to share the recipe if anyone else is interested.. it made 16 - 2 cup jars of chocolate "sauce".

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  1. My guess is it's because you used a stock pot - tall and narrow. Candy making (and jam making too) require pots that are wide and shallower so that the entire liquid gets to the right temp at once. What was happening to you is that the liquid at the bottom of the pot was getting too hot. That's why you really aren't supposed to double candy or jam recipes. The key is uniform heating. Hope this helps and please do share your recipe!

    1. You scaled it too big. Next time, make several, smaller batches. It was probably too thick to heat efficiently in a stock pot.