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Nov 21, 2011 01:34 AM

Looking for simple rustic food in and near Monchique. Cooking class recommendations will also be great!

Hello! My husband and I are in Monchique for a week. We are looking for simple local rustic places to eat at - I have gone through this board and looked at the recommendations (thanks to Monchique for all her local finds (we did A Charette yesterday and have the piri piri place for today). We still have 5 days to go:) so wondering if there are any more recommendations. If there are also good cooking classes on how to make the local cuisine, that will be great as well.


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  1. Hi! Welcome.
    No cooking classes in Monchique that I know of, sorry. But you can always ask the owner of the restaurant to show you how it's done...
    Assuming you have a car and are going to Rampa today (pity for the view...) I would suggest you go to "O Luar" tomorrow, and have some presunto (cured ham) and their "segredos de porco preto com migas"; Their casseroles are very good too. Very good restaurant for local food (but not chicken piri piri). As always, check the "prato do dia".
    You will find a cosier ambience at "Jardim dos Oliveiras" when the weather is rough and their stews are good. "O Fernando" always has good fish and shellfish.
    Don't miss the pastelerias in town (cake shops)... Finally,my wife thinks theer is something hapening at the café on the main square this week-end but not sure what. I will check.