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Nov 21, 2011 12:51 AM

Where to find balsamico in Northern NJ?

Does anyone know a place to find balsamico tradizionale in the Essex County area? I'll be visiting for Thanksgiving and want to pick up a bottle as a gift, since I'd rather not have to bring it from California.


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  1. They have some decent ones in the cheese/gourmet section at Wine Library in Springfield (on the border with Millburn).

    Wine Library
    586 Morris Avenue, Springfield, NJ 07081

    1. Do you have time to run into New York to go to DiPalo's on Grand Street? Frankly, I wouldn't buy it from anyone except Lou and Sal.

      1. If you can pass by Paramus, Fairway has an unmatched selection (in NJ) of over a couple of dozen balsamic vinegars, aged, non aged, light, dark, the whole gamut.

        1. Thanks so much for the recommendations. As it turns out, I need to stay relatively local, so I'll probably hop over to WIne Library. I was thinking about Fairway, but I be able to get there. And I haven't thought about DiPalo's since I left NYC 20 years ago. I need to get back!

          Happy Thanksgiving!

          1. What do you use this for? I googled Balsamico tradizionale to find what it is --- I recently visited X&Co in the Time Warner building - having never heard of this company. They had an incredible balsamic vinegar for about $35 or $65 (I can't remember) - but it was truly something I have never tasted before.