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Nov 20, 2011 10:54 PM

How do you keep track of restaurants you want to try?

Hello foodies, just curious how you keep track of restaurants you want to try (recommendations from friends) and places you have already eaten at.

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  1. Microsoft Works has a very simple data base program. I list all restaurants of interest with addresses, certain reveiwer evaluations, websites, whether I've been there and if I would go back. It's possible to check those I want to go to and just print the one's selected.

    1. I keep a "note" in my iPhone of restaurants, arranged by neighborhood.

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        I use a low-tech method. Piece of typing paper with the names of restaurants I like/frequent, and places I want to try in the future. I don't bother with the addresses because I always look them up using Google Maps before I go.

      2. I keep a food notebook in my handbag. I also use Evernote on my smartphone. Wines to look for or try, or wines that I have loved go in there, too.

        If I'm planning a trip I like to get a smaller, dedicated notebook just for that destination. One section for food, another for activities.

        1. This is where Yelp takes the cake for me. They have a bookmark feature that allows you to make notes about each place for special occasions, etc... The main reason I like this part of yelp is because the bookmarks can be searched according to proximity of your location. Since I walk a lot when I am out of town I can use the app on my phone to see how far away I actually am from a lot of places. Remember, Chowhound for the reviews/recs, yelp for the locator/map function.