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How do you keep track of restaurants you want to try?

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Hello foodies, just curious how you keep track of restaurants you want to try (recommendations from friends) and places you have already eaten at.

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  1. Microsoft Works has a very simple data base program. I list all restaurants of interest with addresses, certain reveiwer evaluations, websites, whether I've been there and if I would go back. It's possible to check those I want to go to and just print the one's selected.

    1. I keep a "note" in my iPhone of restaurants, arranged by neighborhood.

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        I use a low-tech method. Piece of typing paper with the names of restaurants I like/frequent, and places I want to try in the future. I don't bother with the addresses because I always look them up using Google Maps before I go.

      2. I keep a food notebook in my handbag. I also use Evernote on my smartphone. Wines to look for or try, or wines that I have loved go in there, too.

        If I'm planning a trip I like to get a smaller, dedicated notebook just for that destination. One section for food, another for activities.

        1. This is where Yelp takes the cake for me. They have a bookmark feature that allows you to make notes about each place for special occasions, etc... The main reason I like this part of yelp is because the bookmarks can be searched according to proximity of your location. Since I walk a lot when I am out of town I can use the app on my phone to see how far away I actually am from a lot of places. Remember, Chowhound for the reviews/recs, yelp for the locator/map function.