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Nov 20, 2011 08:10 PM

food of the month clubs in UK

I want to give my boyfriend who lives near London some sort of food or wine of the month club membership. I'm from the US where there are a lot of these options but none that ship Internationally. Does anyone know of anything like this in the UK or one in the US that will ship overseas?

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  1. neal's yard dairy do one for cheese ( c£200pa for a box of 4 cheeses every quarter!) and hotel chocolat also does them (for choc, not cheese, obviously!).

    for wine, laithwaites do a range of "wine plans" that might be suitable

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      Oh chocolate would be good. Thank you! I know this sounds odd but you don't know of anyone that does an "ice cream" of the month type club do you?

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        Scoop ( and Gelupo ( both do online ordering - you could either set him up with an online account and some credit, or call/email them and see if they'd deliver a different flavour every month. Or Laverstoke Park do their buffalo milk icecream online - odd, but worth trying!

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          Wow, thank you so much. This is very helpful!

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        Saw this & the replies & you got me wanting a monthly meat box! Had a quick Google & these people seem very reasonable! Most monthly medium meat boxes are around the £80 mark, or so Ive seen, but these are a very reasonable £50 with free UK mainland delivery! & you can choose your date for delivery. I think I might give them a go!

      3. For wine you could join - you get to put money in every month and build up credit and cashback, as well as just standard purchases. They constantly do nice things like give you a set of wine glasses with a case, or a free bottle that they are promoting.

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        1. You could probably arrange to get a meat box delivered every month - Donald Russell is meant to be good. I've done coffee before from the Algerian Coffee Store in Soho. This went down EXTREMELY well with my coffee-loving friends who deemed it "the gift that keeps on giving".