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Nov 20, 2011 07:29 PM

Philippines' Cuisine Chicken Adobo vs Lechon

When you went to Philippines, I am certain that you taste this most popular and the most delicious food of the Filipinos. Now, which of the two is the best???

Chicken Adobo

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  1. Some people might be confused on if you are asking for a comparison with chicken adobo and lechon manok (chicken) or lechon baboy (pork). While lechon by itself usually refers to pig, you could be asking "chicken: adobo vs lechon" and asking which chicken is better.

    1. My visits to Manila are never complete unless we stop for lechon baboy at Elarz in QC. I am also fond of lechon baka at any number of places in La Loma.

      But to me, the signature dish is sizzling sisig. Aristocrat makes a great sisig, but I really love the sisig from Cowboy Express, a fast food chain.