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Best food options off of i-87 between NY and Montreal

I drive down to New Jersey from Montreal and back again several times each year, and always end up stopping at the Friendly's off of exit 19 by Kingston for lunch or dinner. While I have enjoyed their crispy chicken tenders, surely there are other options close to i-87!

-Less than 15 minutes from i-87. Let's not make a long drive even longer.
-Located in NY, anywhere just off of i-87 between Kingston and Warrensburg. That's the range in which I usually get hungry or need a longer break.
-Any price range, any cuisine. I equally enjoy greasy spoons, holes-in-the-wall and 5-star restaurants as the occasion presents itself. I'll eat anything if well-seasoned and properly cooked. If it's been a long, hard drive in bad weather, I like to treat myself to an especially nice meal. Other times, if I'm running late, I just need something quick and tasty where I can eat and pay within 40 minutes.

Your help is much appreciated!!

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  1. In Kingston, I like Armadillo's, the Hickory Smokehouse and the Hoffman House. There are also a few diners in town that are good for upstate, since diners are rare.


    Hoffman House
    94 N Front St, Kingston, NY 12401

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      We stopped by the Hickory BBQ Smokehouse in Kingston recently, and it was indeed worth it. Pleasant, casual, satisfying. Would stop again. Thanks for the tip.

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        I second Armadillo's. Funky joint, really good food.

        We also ate at Dietz Stadium Diner in Kingston last week, which was perfectly serviceable (standard diner fare, nice and clean and friendly).

      2. Almost anyplace in Saratoga Springs. There's even a Hattie's Chicken Shack right at Exit 15. If you go into town, it depends on time of day, but there are at least a dozen excellent places to eat.

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          Thanks - I went to Hattie's Restaurant and had great bbq ribs, collard greens, and candied yams. The service was very friendly and simple, too, and they didn't give me a hard time even though I was eating alone. That one's definitely a keeper, though the place filled up so quickly that I think for a drive-by dinner option, it's probably best if you go right when it opens or you'll have a wait, which will extend the driving time.

          I had tried the Hattie's Chicken Shack last year, and found it good - the fried chicken and sweet potato fries are tasty and hot - but not necessarily worth it to go out of my way for. Since it's a counter-type fast food place, it's quick.

        2. New Paltz has some good options (one exit further South from Kingston off 87). When driving through the area I always get a craving for MexiCali Blue. It's a total hole in the wall with limited seating but to-die-for freshly made tacos and burritos. Very fresh, non-greasy, delicious and creative! The town of new paltz is ~5 minutes off of the I-87 exit and has many other quality dining options as well, but that was the first that came to mind.

          1. Kingston and S. Springs are your best bets. Kingston (Exit 19) and S. Springs (South of Warrensburg, Exit 14/13 when heading South) threads to get you started:


            http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/509653 (long


            There might be a few options in Glens Falls (closer to Warrensburg).

            1. Exit 20, Saugerties, both of these places are great:

              Miss Lucy's http://www.misslucyskitchen.com
              New World home Cooking http://ricorlando.com/nwhchome.html

              Both within 15min or less from the Thruway. There's also a Sushi place in a small strip mall if you take a right off the northbound side exit, it'll be your first left.

              If you're in Kingston, Le Canard Enchaine and Elephant are both awesome. Phone ahead to Le Canard and ask if they're making Cassoulet. One of the best I've had.

              1. Exit 20 off I-87 takes you to Route 9. Go North towards the shopping outlets. Both the Log Jam and/or the Montcalm will satisfy you for a decent, non greasy spoon meal. Both are within five minutes or so from I-87. I think both of them have web sites so you can get a preview of what's available. If you need something faster, go south on Route 9. There's a Johnny Rockets, and farther down, a Mr. B's, which does very good, quick, roast beef on a roll or subs. You then proceed about three minutes south of them, and can make a right turn which takes you to I-87 Exit 19 entrance.

                Log Jam Restaurant
                Routes 9 149, Lake George, NY 12845

                1. If you'd like something ethnic, in Latham I would highly suggest Karavalli for amazing food from 6 regions of India
                  or Ala Shanghai for amazing Shanghai cuisine
                  Both are very quick and easy to get to from I-87. For Karavalli you'd take exit 7 and for Ala Shanghai exit 6.

                  1. I do a similar drive at least once a year - in a separate thread I asked people about places for buffalo wings (we don't get good wings where I live), and so I ended up stopping at Ale House in Troy. It's just wings, but they were phenomenal. The place is a bar and as the name suggests, they have great ales. Wasn't more than 15mins off the road. We went for lunch around 1pm and they had just opened for the day, so service was quick.

                    1. Yobo is a great choice. They have the best Asian food I have ever had. A beautiful relaxing spot. It is my favorite stop on my way to and from Montreal. They are right next to the Newburgh exit 14

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                        Haven't been to Yobo in years. There are better options for sushi in the area. The Chinese food is ok for the Hudson Valley, but is not great. Also, Newburgh is exit 17, not 14.

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                          Thanks for the correction...Yobo is located next to Exit 17 off of I-87. I live in New York City and travel to Montreal often, both cities have great restaurants with exceptional food. Yobo is as good as it gets. The Peking Duck is as great as any I have had in Hong Kong and the sushi is always perfect.