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Nov 20, 2011 03:39 PM

cooking marathon meal?

My big cooking/baking day is on Wednesday (making pies, assembling casseroles, putting together the relish tray, etc).

The night before Thanksgiving we always order in wings but what do y'all eat during your cooking marathon (if anything?) during the day? Maybe the ticket is to eat a substantial breakfast (or something like a trashy once-per-year fast food breakfast run).

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  1. I'm doing enough cooking over those two days so, even though I love to cook, I'm not inclined to go to the additional work of cooking snacks that we might enjoy while the dinner is being prepared. One of my favorites is to prepare a antipasto with generous amounts of marinated artichokes, a variety of cheeses and crackers, sliced vegetables, prosciutto, salami, slices of fruit, garlic and pimento stuffed green olives, foccacia, pickles, assorted nut meats and smoked oysters.
    Isn't that expensive? Yes, it is. But it's one day a year (someone else will host Christmas for our family) and my family is worth it. Not to mention so is my time ....
    Pair it with a good quality gewurztraminer, pinot noir, and perhaps pinot grigio

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      When and where should I be to par take in that feast? That all sounds heavenly!!!!!!

      1. re: JEN10

        Thank you, Jen. I think it offers something for everyone. Sorry you'll miss out gathering but don't let that stop you from your own fling.
        That your kitchen in the avatar? I'd like to have an island like that.

        1. re: todao

          That is my kitchen, I am a kitchen designer. I love cooking in this one, it is something to truly be grateful for. I will be doing a nice antipasto over the Holidays next month. Enjoy your feast, family, and friends!!!

    2. I'm usually doing so much tasting that I don't bother eating any actual meals until dinnertime, when we always order Chinese. This year, my DH will be working from home on Wednesday, so I'll probably have to hunt up something to feed him - but it will most likely be something light, as he looks forward to the Chinese food almost as much as the actual Thanksgiving feast!